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Hart Builders was established by director David Hart over 20 years ago as a boutique residential construction company servicing the metropolitan areas of Melbourne.

Our aim is to produce superbly constructed and well functioning, livable homes that are built to last whilst also providing our clients with a stylish, comfortable and relaxed Australian lifestyle.

By partnering with Hart Builders, you’ll enjoy:

You’ll see for yourself on your initial consultation David’s approachable, clear and direct communication style. Your project requires collaboration, and David will take you through each step of the building process with calm, clear communication.

We understand you uproot your entire life to realise your dream home. David will work with you to set realistic timelines and deliver on them, so you can make plans for your family. Hart Builders can do this because David manages his own team of carpenters across his various projects, and collaborates with a team of reliable and skilled subcontractors and suppliers.

You may have already discovered that building and renovating can throw some curve balls your way. With David’s construction and project management experience, there’s not a lot he hasn’t seen, which means you’ll have a trusted advisor when the unexpected arises.

You’ll see from his portfolio of work that David appreciates the finer details. Our portfolio includes new builds, extensions and renovations, with a focus on quality finishes and workmanship.

We welcome any direct enquiries from people looking to build or renovate their dream home. We also love collaborating with other industry professions such as architects, interior designers and trades people that will enhance the end result and expedite the building process.

"Dave managed the extension build of our 3 bedroom house in a metro area (originally built in 1910). He organised the tradies, managed the site, managed communication and liased with the neighbours. We couldn’t be more pleased with how our project ran, and more importantly the end result. Dave had to manage a lot of challenges on this project, and the plans he was given had some really ambitious design features, such as a floating wall. He managed this with great skill. Trustworthy, knowledgeable, skillful, friendly, efficient and respectful. We highly recommend him for your renovation or build."
Raewyn Pieris, Kingsville
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