We have already and will continue recommending you

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Dear David,

Just a note to say thank you.

After having seen your work at our daughter’s place in Carnegie, we invited you and other builders to quote for our new house in Mt. Eliza. With the assistance of our house designer, we decided you would be the builder.

Our decision was vindicated. Your easy going but very thorough and methodical style almost eliminated the frustration and anxiety often associated with such a project. You assisted with improvements and also accepted changes without any fuss. Some neighbours even commented that, apart from bad weather, there was always somebody working on the building. It was not a stop/go project and finished well before the deadline.

In summary, we can say we valued your and your team’s professionalism. We have already and will continue recommending you to people who have enquired about our house and hope you will be invited to tender for their project.

Thanks and all the very best. We are very happy in our new environment.

Mt Eliza

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  • Hi David,

    I am writing to express our gratitude to you and your skilful team.

    As you may know, we engaged four builders to present their idea and quote. As this is our first house in Australia, we tried to find a builder who can understand our demands well and who we can easily get along with. Your professionalism and down-to-earth personality won you out.

    As we expected, your easy-going and your team's hard working in the the 8 weeks proved our choice a correct one. I was in weekly busy business trips between Australia and New Zealand. You always adapted the meeting time to my schedule and leveraged thorough emails to minimise our face-to-face communication. Your team's efficient and detailed work ensured that we moved into the new house in time and saved us the cost for rental.

    We've already recommended you to two of our friends, who may have refurbishment requirement in 2016. We are happy to talk to any of your future potential clients about your excellent work in our site.

    All the best to 2016 and Happy New Year

    Alan and Julie







    Alan and Julie